Bank of America’s AI financial assitant
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I joined the AI team at Bank of America in 2020.

At work, I lead and build new features for Erica. I focus on using AI technology to rethink customers’ financial experiences. A few of my key projects include:


Rebuilt Erica from the ground up for BoA’s retirement platform while rethinking user’s engagement and onboarding experiences

Defined the future vision of Erica with impact across multiple design teams

Standarized the conversational experience by redefining the behavior of Erica's interactive components

Streamlined the team's design process by hosting collaborative workshops and defining scalable templates.

Allowed customers to chat with live agents via smart routing
and intent identification

Provided proactive and reactive insights based on user’s spending pattern

Set precedents on how Erica responds to inquiries regarding affinity credit cards

Enhanced inquiries relating to fraud, dispute, and money holds

visual DESIGN

Built and maintained the AI team’s design system

Redesigned Erica's UI to establish a cohesive design language with the mobile app

Created new visual components and contribute to the
enterprise design system

Audited and standardized existing design components

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AI powered trading platform