A headshot of me looking to the rightA headshot of me looking down smiling

I’m a UX designer at Bank of America

and I grow herbs on my windowsill.

I majored in Industrial Design, and had two minors with generic names

“Computation, Techonology, and Culture” and
“History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences”.
A chair with light wood as its frame, clear acrylic as its seat, and black acrylic as decorations

I made my first chair 
out of wood and acrylic

but I crushed it one day while sitting.
it hurt.
Me and three friends in cardboard costumes

My closest claim to fame

got featured on a niche designer meme instagram with my hand made Halloween costume.

I got a wine tasting certifcate at 16

did you know cat pee is a legitamate wine aroma.