Some 3D Things

Personal practices
A Jing Ju inspired headphone with big velvety spheres and enameled decorations.
Close up of a headphone
Er Ji
Headphone design inspired by VAVA's My New Swag
Two watches on a cloth cushion
Two watches in the air
A metal watch with thin metal strap
A watch with leather strap and complex interface
How different can two watches be when they share the same body?
A light made up of clear rods in varying lengths and thicknesses
Two sets of lights hanging from the ceiling
Grasshopper Lights
Modeled using arithmetics; rendered in Rhino
A set of decanter, snack bowl, candle holder, and champagne flutes sitting on top of a table
A set of ceramic stationaries coming apart
Wine set
A snack bowl, a candle holder, a wine glass rack, and a decanter that doubles as an ice bucket.
A red, round, soft chair next to another chair and a metal lamp
eight chairs flipped in random directions!
Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen
Molded Plywood Chair by Charles and Ray Eames
A wall of drink dispenser taps
A tap dispensing liquid into a glass
Not a Beer tap
Can Rhino render liquid?�
A red revolving tray with a sliced roast duck and side dishes on top
Le Beijing Roast Duck
A revolving tray designed specifically for Beijing Roast Duck (Peking duck) referencing the aesthetics of Le Creuset. The dish wraps roasted duck meat, cucumbers, spring onions, and a dark soy-based sauce in a thin flour film.